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The Art of Time for Your Space


Gallery Clocks was established in 2000.


The inspiration came about when I was trying to hang an eight inch clock on the wall of my fourteen foot vaulted ceilings in my family room. I decided I wanted a larger clock to fill in the massive space and something that was a part of the decor of the room. I came up with an idea using a large round canvas and made my first clock, which is still hanging in my family room! Soon after, I began making clocks for friends and family and it naturally grew into a business. So far, I have made over 300 clocks.


Gallery Clocks are made out of canvas with a beveled edge. This design helps me to create many different backgrounds as well as textures. They come in standard sizes: 20", 24", 30", 36", 40", 46", and 56". I use a high torque quartz movement with hands up to 17 and a half inches in length. All clocks are CUSTOM designed, I will walk you through the design process, however, many customers feel as if they had made the clocks themselves!


* All prices include customization


The process takes 2-3 weeks


and are completely hand painted













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