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Patty Sisco, owner of Sketch and Sip, poses with one of her paintings.

Local Lithia Artist Makes Painting Fun


By Libby Hopkins


Patty Sisco has had a passion for art since the age of 8. She has been working as a professional artist since 2000. She started making gallery clocks when she realized she didn’t like the normal 12-inch clock that hung on the wall in her home. This led to her designing more than 300 gallery clocks. 


Sisco decided to expand on her artistic talents after a visit with her sister.

“We were painting and having some wine one day, when my sister said this was a lot of fun and that I could teach painting to people,” Sisco said. This was the beginning of Sisco’s business, Sketch and Sip. Sisco offers painting classes where you bring your own beverage and she helps you create your own painting. You don’t have to have any previous painting or art experience to come to her events. “Everything is broken down step-by-step, and I show you where everything goes on the canvas,” she said. “It’s very fun, and I apply applications that are geared towards a beginner.”


Sisco says that her classes can be used for various functions, such as birthday parties, bridal showers or corporate events. For the summer, Sketch and Sip will offer children’s classes that are simple and can be completed in an hour. Wine glass painting will also be offered for the summer as well. Sisco says that most of the people who come to Sketch and Sip are just a group of friends that want to do something different and fun.

What Sisco likes most about her classes is that she gets to meet new people, and she loves when they become adventurous in their painting.

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